Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Update

Even though not a rage by any stretch of imagination, VoteLeft 2009 is growing. Like all constructive growth, VoteLeft 2009 has its share of glitches. The major ones currently being technical and resource scarcity.

Technical glitches first. We are looking for an SMS-ing tool that'll help us start an sms campaign which we think is absolutely essential as not everybody has easy access to the internet. Even those who do may have constraints due to travelling, work timings, etc. An SMS campaign will thus help us reach a wider group of people. Also even those on the move can forward SMSs very quickly and thus help spread the word even better. Thirdly SMSs owing to their concise nature can be very catchy and hence popular. Please note here, as much as the snobby and eponymous 'national' media would have us believe, especially during budgets, popular is by no means a bad word. In fact democracy by definition is a form of popular (coming from the word populace) form of governance! Also we are not really the geeks we would like to be, or may be not, so we rely on drag and drop, cut/copy and paste and such other methodologies for our work. So obviously it's a bit slow. But we are working going to make up for that by investing more time into this activity.

Then comes the major glitch. Resource scarcity. Owing to our day jobs, and in some cases night jobs, we are a bit short on time and are unable to meet our decided deadlines. This we are definitely working on. We have ambitiously, and very rightly so, decided to get this campaign up and running by next weekend. That's 7th or 8th of March.

How can you help us:
This is a major part for us. We, like all of you, are individuals with specific abilities and knowledge fields. The Left as a movement and hence its supportive campaign, hinges on mass participation. So give us anything that you can from your side. Anything does not refer to your money. Everything in terms of creative, technical, content type and other such inputs. If you can draw, then draw some campaign posters for us. If you can write then write somehting for us. If you can think of how we can do better, write to us. Just remember, everything we do, we do it for the Left.

Mail us at Join our mailing list by enetering your mail id in the googlegroup tool on the left pane. Spread the word.

Ever onward
Chief Moderator, VoteLeft 2009

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  1. Great Work Comrade!
    We have to increase membership of this Community, and teach a lesson to LK Adwani like communal guy on Cyberspace asap. Copycatting USA, Cong & Bjp want to fight election in high-tech manner, they also try to eliminate Third Alternative and by doing so they try to grab rights of poor Indian.
    Vote For Left
    Vote For Third Alternative
    Viva Left Unity
    Viva CPI(M)